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MIDIGlitch your PS2! Playstation2 circuit bending!

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MIDIGlitch your PS2! Playstation2 circuit bending!
[Texto disponible solo en inglés] I spent a lot of time during the lockdowns creating a hardware kit that will make it possible for you to circuit bend the most sold video game console ever into an awesome MIDI-controllable source of Mind-melting Gl0tchvisuals. \ 0_0 /

Yep, you read that right, a MIDIGl0tch interface for the sony Playstation2, allowing you to connect a MIDIkeyboard of -controller or sequencer to short the datalines of the machines' graphic bus, turning it into an extremely complex, completely mental video game glitch synthesizer thingie. Waaaah! And every game looks different.

I'd call this an intermediate level workshop. Please consider asking a friend to do this for you if you have no prior experience with soldering or no-so steady hands...

Participants will have to bring their own PS2.
Note that certain models are more suited for circuit bending while others won't work at all.
Most fat models work except for the first ones with 10 screws on the bottom. If you want to also circuit bend your machines' sounds, you'll need a SCPH-3000X or SCPH-3000X R. If you're just interested in visuals, all Fat ones and the first slim model SCPH-7000X will work.
If you're in doubt if your model is bendable, please send me a message.

The cost for the kit and the workshop will be 230 €.

Duración (minutos)


Qué se necesita

I'd need Tables and soldering irons and some solder, screwdrivers and power.

Lo que traen los artistas

I will bring as many Gl0tchkits as there will be participants and maybe some soldering equipment.

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