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[Texto disponible solo en inglés] Gianluca Del Gobbo is one of the founding members of the FHF – Free Hardware Foundation was founded in December 2006 with the specific aim of the PROTECT FREEDOM ‘DIGITAL.

The Foundation is the culmination of previous experience gained by the founders at meetings and conferences, which took place at the headquarters of Linux Club of Rome, which led in 2005 to the birth of the Network of Digital Freedom and in March 2006 to the realization of a major conference on the same subjects, at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, University La Sapienza Rome.

Primary purpose of the Foundation is to promote, support and disseminate those instruments tangible or intangible to ensure accessibility, evolution, sharing and dissemination of knowledge and culture , and who defend the free creation, transmission, use , sharing, study, improvement, reproduction, distribution of free and open source code.

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