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Open Call: Ibrida Festival 2021

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[Texto disponible solo en inglés] Ibrida, festival of intermedia arts, will be held in April 2021 in Forlì (Italy). The festival is particularly focused on videoart, live performances, AV performance that have video as an important part of the exhibition, and from this year, installations and virtual reality.
Ibrida is about artistic contaminations and works that mix different kinds of mediums and is curated by Vertov Project.


– Participating is free of charge.

– Each artist may submit up to 3 works, also in different media.

– For submitting, please download and fill the entry form below and send it by mail along with three screenshots, and a cv or portfolio. Please rename the images, by using – your name / title of work / 1,2,3…

– The festival doesn’t pay any fees for the projection of the video.

– For the live performances the festival offers: food and accommodation during festival, travel and expenses support. Invitation letter, under request.

What we are looking for:

Video Art (max. 15 minutes)
Performance live ( min25 – max 40 minutes)
AV Performance
Virtual Reality

26 February 2021

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Open Call: Ibrida Festival 2021




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    Vertov Project

    Vertov Project

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