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RGB Light Experience – Roma Glocal Brightness | Call

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[Texto disponible solo en inglés] RGB Light Experience – Roma Glocal Brightness heats up the LIGHTS for the 3rd edition of the brightest festival of Rome and launches the new challenge for the 2018 edition that starts from the artists!

Are you ready to participate?

Have you ever thought going back in the past? Now you can!

The game we propose for BACK TO THE FUTURE the 3rd edition of the RGB festival – which will take place in Rome during one of the first autumn weekends – is to imagine yourself in a journey through time.

You come from the future and you arrived in 2018. The future you know does not satisfy you and now, being in the past, you have the possibility to change it.

A small action is enough to create new opportunities, a different future, among the many possible ones.

Can art have this power?

You can demonstrate this by proposing a light art project for the next edition of our Festival until March the 20th 2018 at 12 am (+1GMT)

How to apply? Check on our web site http://bit.ly/2ByJ4uZ">http://bit.ly/2ByJ4uZ

To guide the artists in choosing the location to conceive and imagine their artwork, we have included a series of day and night pictures of Festival’s locations available here:

Diurnal pictures: https://goo.gl/EfC3js">https://goo.gl/EfC3js

Nocturnal pictures: https://goo.gl/cLcv3Y">https://goo.gl/cLcv3Y

Arena Aurora diurnal pictures: https://goo.gl/iEnRvU">https://goo.gl/iEnRvU

RGB Light Experience – Roma Glocal Brightness | Call




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