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Echo Chamber

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Echo Chamber
[Texto disponible solo en inglés] ECHO CHAMBER
An audiovisual performance in several tableaus, Echo Chamber takes its inspiration from technologies that let us probe inside the body, such as ultrasound and acupuncture, generating a sound composition in which the idea of resonance predominates. In creating a modular interface of three panels allowing multiple manipulations, Messier has determined the boundaries of the possibilities for the performance of a choreography of sound and light. He wields long needles as if they were notes from an instrument, piercing through an audio-reactive plate that sets off sound sequences.

Like the ultrasound needle palpating the body to reveal what might be in its interior – a living yet invisible presence? – Messier’s performative gestures are the sources of images in which the body eventually appears, magnified as a transported shadow. The Echo Chamber device is continually transformed during the performance: by a series of movements and position shifts, an entire scenography unfolds before our eyes. The panels increase in number; the light sources appear, disappear, multiply, and mutate. Cut-outs of light cause visual elements to materialize in response to the sound echoes, to the magnetic resonances of the body left in shadow, now turned into a shadow.

The panels then become screens in which we see the body’s interior, where scintillating cells are in motion. Window to the interior, the function of the device is reversed: Messier takes us through to the other side, under the invisible skin. The interface-membrane becomes a passageway, a porous surface through which time is transposed and transforms the living matter.

Carrier of an electric charge, the matter of the body itself is a vehicle, a vector. This is what the final sequence of EchoChamber suggests: the link between the world and the self, between the outside and the inside – remanence emanating from the echo chamber.

Duración (minutos)


Qué se necesita

Need a perfect “pitch black” space, I sometimes use only one led to light up the stage.

Absolutely need a white background (screen, wall). 
 It needs to be tight without any folds.
 From floor to ceiling (more or less).


W30ft (9.1m) x D20ft (6.1m) (from screen to downstage)
 Equipment cannot be moved on a riser

Material : Projection screen or White Cyclo (need to touch the floor). 
 A cyclo can be fine but it needs to be tight, without fold any folds Width : Minimum 20 feet (6.1m), Ideally 30-35 feets (9-10m) Position : Maximum 20 feet (6.1m) from downstage center

10 black microphones stands. 3/8'' or 5/8’ thread. Ideally :
 3 round base, 7 with Long Folding Legs and Telescoping Shaft, 1 heavy weight (need to be black), 1 Table (small riser with wheels would be the best)

• In Ears Wireless Monitor System (PSM900 for Example) It needs to be on stage on top of my equipment, the outputs of my soundcard goes straight into the in-ear monitor. That also means, you may need to remove it from your rackmount
• no needs for monitors on stage 

• 2 balanced jack cables from soundcard outputs to producers’ mixer 

• Hi-fi sound system w/good subwoofer (PA System)

• Perfect blackout needed on stage during performance
• One spot for salut of the artist at the end
• No stage lights required except for the salut
• XLR cable (lenght : from left side to the right side of the stage)

• 2 AC socket (15 Amps total)
• If presented in Europe, a Transformer 220->110 V (at least 250 watts)
• If presented in Europe, 4 European iec cables

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  • AV Performance
  • Experimental Electronics


Martin Messier
Martin Messier

Canada Montreal