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PiGreco TeKnoviDeo

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PiGreco TeKnoviDeo
[Texto disponible solo en inglés] A continuous overflow of actions and toughts, images and light just in front of the eyes, ready to capture every little detail. Our life is a continuous rotation. Everything all around us is a continuous rotation. The world in itself is a continuous rotation.
PiGreco is an audiovisual liveset made up by dj and vj's languages. Play images and display sounds, the perfect parody for something totally based on the idea of circle.

Duración (minutos)


Qué se necesita

- At least 1 projctor VGA o RCA cabled

- 1 Mixer Allen & Heat Xone 92

- 2 CDJ Pioneer 400 or 800 or 1000

- 1 Microphone

- Rca cables

- 1 Fomet or table 1x2 m

  • AV Performance



Italy Roma, Palermo


LPM 2007 - Live Performers Meeting
LPM 2007 - Live Performers Meeting
22 // 21 septiembre 2007

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