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T.A.O. Terrestrial Artificial Organism

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T.A.O.  Terrestrial Artificial Organism
[Texto disponible solo en inglés] T.A.O. is the exhibition organized by second year students of the RUFA master's degree course in Multimedia Arts and Design.

Some of the ten works are presented that reflect on the complex relationship between biological organisms and technological hybrids.

The project, starting from James Lovelock's thesis according to which new beings - born from artificial intelligence designed by human beings - are preparing to open up to a new era called Novacene, will immerse the viewer in a new ecosystem composed of cyborgs, intraterrestrial plants and aliens.

The proposed works accompany visitors on a journey in which machines and human beings find themselves collaborating in a relationship that, as in Taoist philosophy, provides for the full complementarity of two antithetical terms of comparison.

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  • AV Installation


Fotonica 2022
Fotonica 2022
11 // 19 noviembre 2022