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FLxER.net@Interfacce '03

FLxER.net@Interfacce '03

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6.november 2003 - Università di Tor Vergata Rome

Università di Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy

  • 06 // 05 noviembre 2003 | Università di Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy

Workshops & learning

[Texto disponible solo en inglés] At the University of Tor Vergata in Rome, takes place

Digital Performer - FLxER.net workshop and showcase.

Gianluca Del Gobbo ed Alberto Bordonaro (FLxER.net - b_muvis videoklan - Blue Cheese Factory), founders of the FLxER.net project, explains the features of the just-created software in a practical demonstration of its use.


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