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LPM @ Rejected opening party

LPM @ Rejected opening party

  • Gustos

Neo, Rome

Neo Club Roma, Roma, Italy

  • sábado, 07 noviembre 2009 | Neo Club Roma, Roma, Italy
[Texto disponible solo en inglés] Rejected is the new night-date in the autumn party season 2009 in Rome, where different music languages and different ways of artistic expression take place in a performative dancefloor.

FLV - Flyer Live Visuals and LPM join the opening party with Scum, the audiovisual performance by Warbear, Infidel and Nikky. In a shocking mix of luxury, excess and extravagance, directly from the ashes of Phag Off, pornography becomes a political incorrect tool to destroy taboos and to promote new form of relationship, through the hottest and the most provocative visuals you've ever seen.


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