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[Texto disponible solo en inglés] The owners of a record player will easily relate to the concept of the Festival for Visual Arts and Contemporary Culture: sometimes it’s the unimposing ‘B’ that is hiding the true gem of a vinyl record. B-Side is tracing these jewels that are prospering out of the limelight. B-Side risks a second look and does not refrain from placing the needle on the grooves that have gone unnoticed.

This non-commercial festival deals with all varieties of modern visual arts, explores media intersections and opens up new perspectives, a different way to look at new trends and developments.

Video art, computer art, interactive projection and light design are the cornerstones of this event, discussions, lectures and workshops will complete the offering. Additionally, the first AVIT.Network VJ conference in the South of Germany will be held.

Official Workshop Programme

Thu. 13.11.08


– Opening & VJ Conference

– Workshop video circuit bending by pixelschubser.

Fri. 14.11.08


– A beginners guide to quartz composer by Shakinda


– Mash a flash based VJ-Software and multiscreensetup by Invertierpark


– Modul8: Into the Workflow, by Frischvergiftung with modul8



Sat. 15.11.08

12:00 – 16:00h

– vvvv Beginner Workshop pt.1


– VDMX and Multiscreensetup by Devon Miles (Visual Berlin)


Workshop: “Mapping” by Swen Seyerlen

Sun. 16.11.08

12:00 – 16:00h

– vvvv Beginner Workshop pt.2

The workshop schedule may still change. Please check back with the website for all updates: http://www.jetztkultur.de" http://www.jetztkultur.de

Besides, there will be visual jam sessions and a large variety of VJ and AV showcases.

You are kindly invited to visit us here, plug-in and play, join the workshops, present your art. The official call-for-papers for the workshop programme is over, but we’re still open for more artists who want to tune in!