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FOTONICA 2017 Report by RAI & IED

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[Texto disponible solo en inglés] The first edition of Fotonica festival, has aroused the interest of IED Rome, Istituto Europeo di Design and RAI the national public broadcasting company of Italy. FOTONICA aspires to be a new project in the field of Audio Visual Art, in which Rome has always represented a point of reference, but which today suffers from the lack of an international event.

The students of the IED Rome have illustrated with a video report they shot and edited what happened during the days of the Festival, inside the spaces of MACRO – Museum of contemporary art of Rome.

RAI has interviewed the artistic director Gianluca Del Gobbo to better understand the intentions and aspirations of the Festival, and the artist Nicola Pavone , aka Vj Luper, who spoke about his work “Waste-o-polis” , presented in this first edition.

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http://www.raiscuola.rai.it/programma-unita/gianluca-del-gobbo-fotonica-audio-visual-digital-art-festival/273/39941/default.aspx" rel="noopener">https://flyer.dev.flyer.it/files/2018/03/RAI-Gianluca-Liz.jpg" alt="Rai Scuola | Fotonica: Intervista a Gianluca Del Gobbo">

http://www.raiscuola.rai.it/programma-unita/gianluca-del-gobbo-fotonica-audio-visual-digital-art-festival/273/39941/default.aspx" rel="noopener">Rai Scuola | Fotonica: Intervista a Gianluca Del Gobbo

http://www.raiscuola.rai.it/programma-unita/nicola-pavone-aka-vj-luper-waste-o-polis-riciclo-digitale/273/39940/default.aspx" rel="noopener">https://flyer.dev.flyer.it/files/2018/03/RAI-NicolaPavone-Liz.jpg" alt="Rai Scuola | Fotonica: Intervista a Nicola Pavone">

http://www.raiscuola.rai.it/programma-unita/nicola-pavone-aka-vj-luper-waste-o-polis-riciclo-digitale/273/39940/default.aspx" rel="noopener">Rai Scuola | Fotonica: Intervista a Nicola Pavone

See you at the next edition!