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Madatac X | POST DIGITAL STAR | Call for selection

  • Gustos

[Texto disponible solo en inglés] It is left open without restrictions a call to select, by means of a criteria in which will be valued particularly the experimentation, the innovation and the risk, of the creations of all those new media, audio-visual and video artists who wish to participate and that their works are part of MADATAC/TRANSMADATAC project.

This project is dedicated to exhibit and promote Video Art, Audio Visual-Art and New Media Art in all its modalities of image-sound interaction, without exclusion of installations, performances, mappings and any other artistic alternatives, with the aim to disclose to the great public a view of the consolidated artists as well to offer a platform for all those emergent artists with a future projection who contribute with renewing proposals, avoid conventional audio-visual language and does not find their place in other art and mass media spaces.

MADATAC 10th edition will be in Madrid, February 2019 and will be freely centered on the concept POST DIGITAL STAR

10 edition is ten. 1 and 0 are the perfect combination. Binary code dances on the algorithmic waves. But will this perfect pair be replaced by a more organic system? Probably never. However, qubits and quantum computing are on the way. The question is if the digital will become as bright as a star or nebulous as stardom.

Digital virology, the obsolescence of software, the immeasurable panorama of the code, the eternal return of the analogue, the post-techno conversion, are the new principle of uncertainty. How artists of the new media art react to the armies of bots, the farms of trolls, the assertive media manipulation, disinformation as a cohesive social fabric, political lawlessness, mental fracking.


LINK FOR RULES AND REGISTRATION FORM: http://madatac.es/madatac-10_convocatoria-call/