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LPM 2010 Rome | Festa dei Pirati

LPM 2010 Rome | Festa dei Pirati

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Teatro Capranica, Montecitorio - Rome

Teatro Capranica, Montecitorio, Roma, Italy

  • 20 // 20 marzo 2010 | Teatro Capranica, Montecitorio, Roma, Italy


[Texto disponible solo en inglés] If you are involved in download practice, if you are interested in digital culture, censhorship, free software and Internet's laws come and join the Festa dei Pirati 2.0, on march, the 20th at, Teatro Capranica in Rome, near Montecitorio.

Speech corner, conference, performance and video-projection all day long until late in the night.

11:00-13:00 // Politics ///////////////////////////////


Elections. Politics are looking for your vote. Pirates need anserws

visual direction: VJ-Quadro

 ARTURO DI CORINTO - Free Hardware Foundation president

Digital Technologies as an instrument...
[Texto disponible solo en inglés] If you are involved in download practice, if you are interested in digital culture, censhorship, free software and Internet's laws come and join the Festa dei Pirati 2.0, on march, the 20th at, Teatro Capranica in Rome, near Montecitorio.

Speech corner, conference, performance and video-projection all day long until late in the night.

11:00-13:00 // Politics ///////////////////////////////


Elections. Politics are looking for your vote. Pirates need anserws

visual direction: VJ-Quadro

 ARTURO DI CORINTO - Free Hardware Foundation president

Digital Technologies as an instrument for democratic partecipation and for a new social interaction

13:30-13:45 // Politics ///////////////////////////////

Claudio Messora - journalist, blogger

ANTONIO DI PIETRO - politician (live from MIlan)

13:45-13:50 // KneePlay ///////////////////////////////


Subtitle: If a wc in Montecitorio could speak....

The main theme of the new format is the anti-politics, tretaed in an ironic and wicked way.


13:45-14:30 // Lunch Break ///////////////////////////////

14:30-15:50 // Society ///////////////////////////////

 Pirate Parties. Blogger that move people. Thieves that create valuable things.

visual director: VJ-Aira

FRANCESCO NIZZOLI - Popolo viola Roma

Web 2.0 or social web as the new place of economic, social and political issues thet promote new way of association and new models of business.

15:50-16:00 // KneePlay ///////////////////////////////


Born in 2006 as a net label for spreading of free and indipendent music for commercial and artistic use.

16:00-16:50 // Law ///////////////////////////////


A talk show about the illusion of managing Internet

visual director: VJ-Aira

GUIDO SCORZA - president of Istituto per le politiche dell’innovazione

Free technologies and no copyright to avoid and defeat censorship and digital divide. Against the Internet-broadcasting model.

16:50-17:00 //KneePlay///////////////////////////////

(PerformanceAV 22:00)

17:00-17:50 // Technology ///////////////////////////////


The pirate staff will protect freedom of expression. 

Video Fondali by Giacomo Verde

MARCO CALAMARI - Winston Smith


Software and ideas to bypass Internet Censorship

17:50-18:00 // KneePlay ///////////////////////////////

Video Fondali by Giacomo Verde

Nowadays every camera connected to a computer can process and create images in real time, as the vj does. Videofondali live is based on a video effect-loop and macro shooting of small objects, materials or images taken from the network and printed on glossy transparent. The effects of amplification and distortion allows you to create, on a large screen, visionary novel as full of suggestions aesthetic. A technique that reconfigures beauty towards an electronic scale, warm and creative reappropriation of low technology.

18:00-19:00 // Scenary///////////////////////////////


Secret plans to destroy Internet. But Pirates are further and further.

Video fondali by Giacomo Verde

PAOLO BRINI - Movimento ScambioEtico

Internet is transforming passive viewers into active creators of contents. Creativity and cooperation against intellectual property.

19:00-19:30 // Performance A/V ///////////////////////////////

I C::ntr::l Nature - The SAD (Milan)

The live act represents the sarcastic celebration of the human instinct finally able to govern the nature. The body gestures, the images and the sounds deconstruct the whole life cycle of the caterpillar, making the microscopic world of the butterfly become an immersive and surreal ambient, sometimes violent and compulsive. 
This work is performed with an electric bass guitar and the custom-made software C::NTR::L, Human-Computer Interface for physical computing developed in Pure Data by the artist. C::NTR::L is a tool for audiovisual live improvisation exploiting the physical computing technologies. It transforms your standard chord instrument in an audiovideo controller.

The SAD aka Marco Donnarumma is a media-designers pecialised in the creation and design of free/open source interactive audiovisual environments, audiovisual live performances, electronic/electroacoustic compositions, multimedia installations and interactive sceneries.

The understanding of the relations among nature, man and technology is the main focus in its artistic research which aims to highlight the communicativeness of human action through the use of physical computing technologies and self-designed data visualization systems.

Improvisation is the basis of his live media compositions, a compulsive and original blend of diverse influences, from the no wave scene of the mid-1970's in New York, through the earlier avant-garde and noise music, to 1980's industrial experimentations in America, Italy and Germany.


19:30-20:15 // Performance A/V ///////////////////////////////

Magnetica - Giardini Pensili 

Roberto Paci Dalò (Rimini) and Giacomo De Luca (Napoli)

The new project of musician and artist Roberto Paci Dalò, is a live set based on an architecture made up of invisible electric sound and dust, interacting with the surrounding space resonance, reverb and echoes. A chemical laboratory where the subtle textures and noise levels are developed through abstract forms, moving the threshold of interrupted melodies, loops, frequencies of voice soundscapes and noise. 
Roberto Paci Dalò is one of Europe's most innovative exponents of contemporary art, through a series of musical projects, the performing arts, visual arts and film works on several levels relate sound and picture through the mail. Collaboration between Kronos Quartet, Olga Neuwirth, Mouse on Mars, Alvin Curran, Philip Jeck, David Moss, Scanner, Terry Riley. Paci Dalò is director of the Hanging Gardens and space Velvet Factory (Rimini), has presented its projects in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Americas getting the respect and support - among others - by Aleksandr Sokurov and John Cage. 
Giacomo De Luca (live visuals) in 2005 founded the collective Ascolti Visivi. In the context of VJ and Visual under the alias of worship Omino69 has worked with the Angels of Love and Orbeat and has treated several clubs including: Duel Beat, Living Club, sandpits Reload Rising South, Follja. 
 lives in Rimini where he worked with Group Hanging Gardens, the musician / director Roberto Paci Dalò, the Velvet Club & Factory.


20:15-20:25 // Projection ///////////////////////////////


Eva and Franco Mattes use unconventional techniques of communication for maximum performance with minimum effort and develop, through video-art, political and social issues without rhetoric. 
Instead of producing a work material, reveal the mechanisms of the Information System deconstructing and reorganizing processes in order to awaken the conscience numb.


20:25-20:30 // Projection ///////////////////////////////


Born in 1999, created by two artists and Hans Bernhard and Lizvlx. Ubermorgen synthesizes multiple and contested identities of contemporary art in an open circuit of conceptual art, drawing, software art, net art, sculpture, digital media activism and hacking. The computer and the network are used and are being abused to create and combine multiple forms that express themselves in the values of democracy, social rights and global communication. 

20:30-20:40 // PerformanceAV ///////////////////////////////

CRY ME - Francesca Fini (Roma)

"Cry Me" is a radiography of the soul. A woman reveals herself through the videoart, playing with a tv display that is like an uterus where her double lives and sings. The piece was inspired somehow by the visceral art of Frida Kahlo and by the videoclips of Laurie Anderson in the 80ies. The video in the display was shot with a dvcam camera and then manipulated into photoshop frame-by-frame, as a digital painted animation.

Francesca Fini debuted in '96, as a writer with the novel "Thus Spake Mickey Mouse," published by Ediesse and immediately entered the stream of criticism in "Pulp generation. That same year he began to work for film and TV. 
 In the coordinates and works as assistant director and co-author for several television productions RAI and Mediaset. 
 In 2000 he founded one of the first Italian webtv, "Unicatv", with programs in streaming , news reports and documentaries on the music scene of Italian independence. 
In collaboration with the artist Kristin Jones, in 2002 and in 2009, she created two multimedia installations for the City of Rome 
In 2009 she realized "Women - Born to Be King", produced by Derive Approdi. 
 He has also participated as a performer and visual artist at the Festival of Body Art "Mutations Profane" at the Teatro Clock of Rome, with "Cry Me" (performance / installation human cyberpunk) and the Festival of Erotic Art "Pop Porn", with a new performance and two multimedia installations.


20:45-21:15 / / Performance AV /////////////////////////////// 


Italian comedy refers to a historical period and a style of Italian television, which produced plays by popular content such as the satire of manners and bourgeois setting. 
The comic situations and plots are typical of traditional comedy are flanked by a barbed and sometimes bitter satire of manners, reflecting the evolution of Italian society during those years.

LAB9 is a visual art project born in 2001 from the collaboration of two young designers: Alessandro Galli aka Longo, N. Stefano Santomauro aka Stv. Design, video, art and graphic lovers, they found in VJing and live video the privileged form of expression. Their research is focused on an ever greater synergy between audio and video. 
In 2006, they teamed with Mediaset, to bring the vj in TV. They always perform in the most renowned clubs and at major international festivals alongside renowned musical artists and support activities with their crew of vjset some ages ago. 


22:00-23:00 // PerformanceAV ///////////////////////////////


Frank Sent Us is an audio visual project, a collaboration between Alessandro Roberti, aka Master System Error, and Daniele Mungai Frenetik aka Beat, intent on creating an interaction between music and visual art in a multisensory approach. 
Frank Sent Us loves the quote and works primarily with film images, putting in place an operation of mixing and reworking of visuals images borrowed from cinema. The performance of the music and video merge completely and the rhythm flows directly from the original movie sound repeated in the form of compulsive and hypnotic loops, harmonized by a carpet of sound in tune with the image. The topics are virtually endless. Each video sequence with a strong musicality can be deconstructed and reconstructed according to an orchestral approach. The expressiveness of sound clips from the cult film feature and become the notes of the same composition, creating a unique atmosphere of its kind. The musicality of the sounds and the narrative of the images give life to suggestions of great emotional impact, enhanced by the uniqueness that characterizes every live performance. Frank Sent Us also realizes futuristic audiovisual installations in artistic contexts multisensory, a show where you find yourself listening to the pictures and watch the sound.


23:00-02:30 / / Dj-vj sets /////////////////////////////// 

DJ + VJ Andypop More * Tv * V (Rome) 


Dj, speaker, promoter, journalist specializing in hip hop, urban beats and electronics, Andypop is on the Italian underground scene from a lot. After playing for years funk, electropop and rare grooves, in 1998 he married drum'n'bass following a multifaceted approach to the genre of which still likes to exploit the darker side and hyperkinetic. His live ranging from drum'n'bass to hip hop, through dubstep, electro, detroit techno and IDM. He has performed in all the best clubs in the Italian underground. He also writes for some of the most prestigious Italian magazine of urban street culture and care and a section on urban beats on the pages of Basement Magazine. Currently he is working with ALIAS, Il Manifesto, signing the first article appeared on an Italian newspaper about the anglo-saxon Dubstep .


More * Tv*V [mortivivi]

Collective of live video performers born in 2005 with the idea of transforming the common passion for auteur cinema in an intelligent form of entertainment fun. 
They have tried to find a new way to bring cult movies to the generic public, replacing the images, recasting them graphically and mixing them with music in a continuous video stream that ranges from the classics of silent cinema to the current productions. The rythm is always around 180 bpm and the visual flow follows that speed trying to establish an empathic relationship with music and with the public, interpreting the moods and feelings through an appropriate selection of images.

ALL DAY ///////////////////////////////


Video Installation Videovora


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5 intérpretes (9 los pueblos) desde Italy jugando 4 AV Performance, VJ Set.



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