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[Texto disponible solo en inglés] Incoherent_scatter is the name of the new performance of S∆G∆∆N, using modern satellite trace and tracking techniques (GNU-radio and Gpredict), radio scanners and home made antenas, the band creates a discourse where the local microcosmos is juxtaposed to the macrocosmos of data and signals from satellite crossings, numeric radio band stations, millitary surveillance bands, intercontinental comunications, morse, etc., of the surroundings of the performance área, remixing live hidden signals, world information data and surveillance bands through self developed tools, wireless communications and open hardware/software.
No presets, videos or samples are used during the performance.
Only free hardware/software is used during the performace.
Debian 64 Distribution + Gpredict + GNU-Radio + FUNCube_Dongle + Radio Scanner + Home made antenas.
A fast/stable WLAN/Ethernet network is needed during the performance.
Thanks to GNUradio developers (Eric Blossom & team), Gpredict (Alexandru Csete a.k.a 0Z9AEC & the previous work of John Magliacane) & LABoral Center of Industrial Creation and Arts for the residence, burocratic help on the satalite launch and foundings for software developement.
A workshop about the topic of satellite trace/tracking, surveillance networks and GNU-radio with a special S∆G∆∆N_linux Live CD its suggested to be done during the festival dates.

Duración (minutos)


Qué se necesita

Performace area
-1 Mixer 16 Mono + 2 Stereo + 4/6 AUX
-1 Proyector HD
-1 Desk 4x1x1M (covered with a white screen to proyect on it)
-12/16 power plugs
-WLan connection
The audio and video set up takes 30 minutes when all the required equipment its previously installed on the concert space. Sound/video check takes 30 minutes to warm up and test the modular synthesizers and analog equipment.

  • AV Performance
  • Live Cinema (Narrative)



Bangladesh , Azerbaijan

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